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Body Treatments

Our signature Body Treatments are designed to nurture, detoxify, and hydrate your body from the outside in, extending beyond traditional spa services by incorporating full-body massage. Each treatment intentionally targets all parts of the body: skin, muscles, joints, and internal systems.


Centered around specific therapeutic benefits, these treatments alleviate joint pain, reduce inflammation, provide allergy relief, boost immune function, clear lingering viruses, and improve lung health. Please contact us for a recommendation to identify which treatment will best meet your needs and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Body treatment Service Menu

Herbal Poultice Treatment

An ancient healing treatment ideal for bringing the body back into balance into total renewal and well-being. A heated aromatic poultice of exotic organic herbs is used on the body to promote circulation and deeply relax muscles and joints. This detoxifying treatment combines shiatsu, aromatherapy, and hot stone massage. It is highly effective for alleviating muscle soreness and energizing the body.

90 minutes . . . $210

120 minutes . . . $290 

Lavender Glow Body Wrap

After a gentle exfoliation, you are massaged with hot stones & organic cocoa butter and lavender creams for deep moisturizing and relaxation. A full body wrap then envelopes you to warm the body and help saturate your skin with this healing product.

90 minutes . . . $210

120 minutes . . . $290

Deluxe Cocoa Butter
Body Wrap

This skin-quenching treatment includes a gentle dry brush exfoliation and warm organic cocoa butter massage with hot stones. You are then cocooned in a detoxifying full body wrap leaving the body soft, glowing, and smelling unbelievable!

90 minutes . . . $210

120 minutes . . . $290

Steam Tent Treatment

After a therapeutic massage the steam tent is gently placed over your body for an additional 20-30 min. As the steam warms the body, you'll receive cool compresses on your forehead and a lymphatic face and scalp massage featuring the use of refreshingly chilled rose quartz massage tools. Enjoy the benefits of the steam tent, such as clearing congestion and supporting lung health, alleviating allergies and seasonal colds, flushing out viruses and boosting immunity, and detoxifying the body for glowing skin.

90 minutes . . . $215

120 minutes . . . $295

Solo steam Tent service

This treatment does not include massage or bodywork. You will be immersed in the soothing warmth of the steam tent for 30-40 minutes, and be invited to drift into a meditative state within this tranquil and private sanctuary. As the steam envelops you, our attentive attendant will periodically check in and provide refreshing cool compresses for your forehead, ensuring your comfort throughout. This option provides a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of the steam tent, such as clearing congestion and supporting lung health, alleviating allergies and seasonal colds, flushing out viruses and boosting immunity, and detoxifying the body for glowing skin.

45 minutes . . . $75

Enhance your treatment by adding any of the following to your session.


Foot Scrub and Hand Scrub Treatment 

Enjoy an invigorating, relaxing, and detoxifying foot scrub and/or hand scrub featuring Maliē Organics body products. Family owned and organically made in Kauai, HI, Maliē body polish and body moisturizers are made to exfoliate and deeply hydrate the skin bringing softer healthier skin cells to the surface. The natural glycolic in the sugar scrub regenerates and softens the skin on a deep level while transporting you to the Hawaiian tropical islands. The body cream leaves your feet and hands deeply hydrated with waves of gentle tropical essence in each inhale. This enhancement is not to be underestimated in its deep benefits, and can be added to any massage, body treatment, or facial session.

Foot or hand scrub . . . $25

Foot and hand scrub combo . . . $40

Lymphatic Facial massage

Enjoy a lymphatic facial massage with our organic and sustainable facial oil by LIVE Botanicals using rose quartz facial tools. LIVE Botanicals are harmonic infusions of traditional herbalist based formulations and results-driven scientific approaches. With a core focus on strengthening the skin biome and barrier, and guided by intentional sourcing to navigate the environmental and social impact in every step. The rose quartz facial tools are used in conjunction with the application of your facial oil  to activate the meridians, calm muscles, and drain lymph from the face. This firms, tones, and tightens the skin, produces notable relaxation throughout the face and body, activates acupuncture points and meridians to increase health of the skin and the whole body, and more.

Add-on . . . $20

What to Expect

It is important to allow the body and skin to heal in its own time. That being said please allow yourself plenty of time after your facial or body treatment to slowly and fully acclimate back into your day. If you have a time commitment after your session please make it known when booking or when you arrive to your session. You will want to drink plenty of water after your session to help move the toxins out of your body.

Cancellation Policy

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy.

Please call prior to 48 hours from your appointment time to change or cancel to avoid paying full cost.

I just had such an awesome session with Victoria, her combination of skin treatments and massage is a dream come true!  My skin has been really dry and she suggested the cocoa butter wrap and 0h la la! It was just what I needed. She does the best dry-brushing I've ever had, then a warm cocoa butter massage where she uses stones (it was such a hot day here in Petaluma that she used cold stones rather than hot ones and it felt so invigorating.  She gets into a flow and you can't tell how many hands she has but it feels like more than 2.  I felt so attended to (read-pampered).  I'm glad that she's offering her services to the north bay now too!


~E. H. Petaluma

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